Mandy Strobel is one of the artists who does not have to prove anything to anyone. He just enjoys the musicand making songs for the people who like his tunes.  He does not like to be pegged as something bysomeone, is independent and does not chase idols. Mandy Strobel has managed tomaintain his own take on music, i.e. Country music, by means of his own powerand conviction. 

His new double album features 24songs that just fit him well. No stress, no rush, songs by Ron Davis thatdescribe the world, tunes about relationships and love, and funny things aswell as sad things. Songs about death and the simplicity of life. Mandy hasthus composed his music to present all of which Ron Davis describes in histexts.

The musician was able to relatewell to the experiences and events. The song „Monday Morning Blues“ is fromThomas Snook and a title in support of life. Everyone has experienced thisblues in some way or another. The songwriter Mark Merritt composed the tune„Corner Café“. The story described in this song is reminiscent of MandyStrobel's memories of his favorite café Mugsy's on Fort Campbell Blvd inClarksville, TN. „The One That Got Away“ by Ron Gardner was already recorded bySuzie Candell in 2006. Back then it was about the relationship between a manand a woman. Mandy Strobel liked it very much, altered the relationshipslightly and made it his own tune. Some known artists are featured on the albumas well: Holly Tashian, Joe Sun, and as backing vocals Brent Moyer as well asSusanne Blind. Brent Moyer and Mandy have been friends for many years. It isalso important to mention all of the musicians and duet partners living inNashville which Mandy has been in close personal contact with and worked withover the years. 

However, the new album shows awhole new side of Mandy Strobel which many people have not come to know yet. Actuallyhe is more of a calm musician and singer. Thus he has finally „arrived“ as thesubtitle of his album indicates. The CD was produced by Brent Moyer fromNashville just like the previous ones. Of course Mandy also chose a tune byMoyer: „Hillbilly Wine“ which is a funny homage to Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Mandy Strobel From Then Til NowVol. 3 & 4 “Arrived” Publishing-Date: 28.03.14

Track Listin

Disc 1

We´re Happy And Contented, ALonely Cowpuncher, A Loner's Life, I´ve got the Monday Morning Blues, My Heart,My Love, My Soul, The Tall Grass Blowin’ In The Wind, Corner Café, BillyBaxter's Still, Second Hand Heart, The Leaf, The One That Got Away, You Can'tPick Up Water.

Disc 2

Why Don't You Try It On Me, EnjoyEach Day With Music, I Turned And Walked Away, Just Think Of Me, My Memories,Country Bumpkins In The City, Lost Love, Farmer Brown's Red Barn Saloon, ThisOld Body Should've Stayed In Bed, Me And My Old Ring-Eyed Dog, A Shallow HoleHillbilly Wine.

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Mandy Strobel was born on 12 June 1949 in Ulm/Danube in the southwestern part of Germany.        

With the help of his Stepfather, Richard G. Merritt, he learned to sing and play the guitar. At the age of eight years old Mandy was inspired by the music that he heard from U.S. Soldiers stationed near his home in Ulm Germany.

Mandy’s first performance was at the age of nine years old when he played in an Officers Club from the U.S. Army. He fascinated his audience with songs from Elvis and Pat Boone. Mandy spent a lot of time playing with hobby Bands established by young American Soldiers. Between the ages of 8 and 12, Mandy lived again and again with his parents in the United States, ( Killeen, Texas and Clarksville,Tennessee). It wasn’t easy growing up with two languages, but for Mandy, it sure was a step in the right direction toward the country scene

With the rhythm of the times, he tried different types of music. Rock and Roll, followed by the beat music.In the 70’s, Mandy worked on the Pop side of the musical branch. He toured with his band “POINT” throughout Germany and under other groups with Joy Fleming, Rainbows, Lords, etc..

At the age of fifteen, Mandy totally changed his style and developed a great love for American Country Music. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, were Mandy’s biggest idols.

His first big break came with the forming of his band, Mandy’s EAST-Place- Company in 1985, which he played in many of the clubs of the Armed Forces.

1992: He established the Country-Café SANTE FE, which he not only ran, but also performed and on occasion he appeared as a duet with various partners. As a singer with over 40 years of stage experience, he can look back at his success.

1994 here corded his CD “SANTE FE” as publicity for his café. This CD made it known that Mandy had other ambitions and it promoted the demand for performances in areas further away.

Also in the 90’s, Mandy performed as a duet with different partners such as: Country Manne under the name of “49er’s” (Country-Manne passed away in 2004) and with Claudy Ciresa under the name of “Broken Spoke” and Fiddling Christin.

For a longtime Mandy was busy with the work of songwriters. Unknown songs gave him his own particular musical style.Mandy didn't just look for material converted from songs that were already hits, but rather with song that in the original form was not so popular for the original artist, but when rearranged to his expectations would fit into his style of music.

In 2003 Mandy produced another CD, “On The Other Side” with more of his idea how country music should by played. In Nashville, Tennessee he met with singer/songwriter Brent Moyer and was enthused about the new project. With the help of Brent Moyer, Joe Sun, Becky Hobbs and Joel Sonnier and well as other fine musicians his CD “On The Other Side” became a great success.

Title of the album “On The Other Side”

Wherever I go - Oceans Of Love - The Last Hank - Burned By An Old Flame -This Dirty Little Town - Man On The Run - Gone - Drinkin’ My Thinkin’ - Long Distance Call - Mercenary Song - Texas - It Wasn’t Me - Scorns Of Time On The Other Side Of Town - Goodbye.

As his career continued to grow, more and more doors opened for him. He recognized the meaning of his own production and songwriting skills through the inspiration of many U.S. acquaintances (Brent Moyer, Joe Sun, Kim Carson, Richard Dobson to name a few). Mandy found pleasure in his ideas and emotions and let them run free, to confirm himself as a songwriter.

Thomas Snook, a close friend living in Neu-Ulm, stands in his new working circle as songwriter. Thomas Snook was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. He graduated from High School in 1972, he entered the U.S. Army,  where he served 20 years, most of which was in Germany. After retiring from the military, he stayed in Neu-Ulm Germany where he currently lives with his wife Ange and son Michael.

To put it short: Mandy is an advocate of the “Traditional Country Music” as he say so himself: “I always make a effort to stand by the preservation of traditional country musi

In the meantime Mandy has been busy working on a new CD which is titled “Between The Lines” which will be out January 2005. The difference between his CD “On The Other Side”,his new CD will contain five never heard before songs which Mandy and Thomas Snook worked on together. The other 10 songs on the CD are from well-known artists such as Diane Gentes (courage to say goodbye) with Mandy as a duet, John Prine, Brent Moyer, Mark Stuart, David Lee Howard, Richard Dobson,Lisa O Kane, Kim Carson, and Austrailian Kasey Chambers who with Cathrine Britt sings “That Don’t Bother Me”. This particular title will come out as a single release.

 “Between The Lines”

That don’t bother me - Hank's Songs - Peace of mind –

Courage to say Goodbye – Never gonna let you go - Yes my honey whatever you say - Flesh and Blood –Now your gone - Margaritas made in Hell - Heartbreaks and Barrooms –Paradise – That's What you Do with the Blues - Hard-Hearted Hard-Headed One Arm Man –The fairest Outlaw - When the sun goes down in Santa Fe. 2005

The Way I Feel

Mandy Strobel, “The way I feel“   It all started out as a vacation for relaxation or maybe we should say it was a holiday to familiarize ourselves with the southern states of the USA. Organized by the Country & Western Friends Kötz we visited Atlanta, Dollywood, Memphis, and Nashville. Maybe it should be called an activity vacation since it gave us a chance to see most all of everything that a true country fan would want to see,including the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where in the 1950’s the first recordings of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were made by the founder of Sun Studios, Sam Phillips. Since this time country and pop music have been greatly influenced by these two performers. You can still make tours through the studio building and you will be reminded of the musical history. Recordings are still made there.

One thatdid this was naturally Mandy Strobel. After he and his wife Elsy sent the other 18 members of the tour back home they returned to Tennessee for a few weeks and went back to Memphis to return to the Sun Studios.

In his luggage were several songs from Ron Davis, whom he met at the country music fair in Berlin in 2005 and since then they are very good friends. Mandy Strobel said at the beginning that Ron’s songs were just down his alley.

With James Lott as technician Mandy Strobel recorded 11 songs with the feeling that he was able to do his kind of music there, where the great music legends started the“Big train from Memphis”. Mandy sang in the same famous Sun Records microphone where he could relive the sound of the 50’s. only one man, one voice and his acoustic  guitar. The results may be defined as the last Sun sessions from Johnny Cash or as the last American Recordings in sense of the production from Rick Rubin. It was songs in haled from the ghost of the “Man in Black” but presented by the singer Mandy as adirect representation such as has never been done before.

FriedrichHog, Radio free FMVicepresident of Country & Western Friends, Kötzenglish R. Davis

  Mandy Strobel ´s “New Traditional Country Album“

"From Then Till Now" 

The new album from Singer/Songwriter Mandy Strobel

The album is entitled “from then till now” and was produced by (M.Strobe, E.Strobel, Brent Moyer). All Songs written by Ron Davis and Mandy Strobel, includes duets with Joe Sun on “Heavenly Howe Down”- “Old Age Is Creeping Up On You” - Katja Kaye on “The Waltz Of The Whispering Wind”. As you know, Mandy makes traditional Music that comes straight from his heart so he always has a tough job in getting his music heard by a big audience.  

Title of the album “From Then Till Now”   #1

My Cabin On The Hill - Where Did All The Whittlers Go - From Then Till Now - Texas Blues In Tennessee - See That Golden Moon - Apple Picking Time - The Waltz Of The Whispering Wind - Thunder Storm - A Singer Named Mandy - Old Age Is Creeping Up On You - South Of Belen - Heavenly Howe Down.

Hi Mandy...…..went over to Brent's last night for Thanksgiving dinner and Uschi cooked up a storm...mighty fine.  After we finished Brent was playing me some of your mixed tracks. I have to tell you friend, that what I heard makes me believe that of all the Germans wanting to sing “American country music” that I've met over the years, you are by far the best. It's not only your voice that I've always liked, but your writing has improved to the point of being very authentic,honest and frank.  It sounds like you have lived in the South and soaked up the feelings of the common man.  Brent's production fits you like a glove and if your new CD is somehow promoted to German country fans as a piece of work they should hear, and they do, I can't imagine them not hearing what I hear.I'm not blowing smoke up you’re a.. as that has never been a trait of mine.  Just telling you how I honestly feel.  In fact, I was so inspired by hearing your writing I went home and in the middle of the night, with the TV on, I heard someone say in an interview, "I'm going to Memphis and see the King" and I got up and wrote the song. It turned out pretty cool. Whatever happens down the line thanks for asking me to sing on the project.....Best  Joe   

“From Then Till Now”   #1

Cabin On The Hill The story tells about the longing of living happily in a cabin away from city life. His wife agreed to live with him anywhere he chose but with the time she got a yearning for the city life and left him.

Where Did All The Whittlers Go Usually older men would sit on the courthouse benches and whittle on soft wood while telling (tall) tales. Today you can’t find the whittlers anymore, maybe because of modern media?

From Then Till Now A childhood, poor but happy. Then he meets his love. It fulfills the happiness in life. A true love song. It reflects the image of Mandy’s and Elsy’s life together.

Texas Blues In Tennessee Jimmy Rogers wrote “T for Texas, T for Tennessee”, a sad yodel blues meant for Mandy. As singer trying to find a place in the country music world from Texas to Nashville, tales of women, dreams – reality or what? It explains the life of a singer wanting to become a star.

See That Golden Moon The golden moon is the main part of this love song. It doesn't only shine for me but for all lovers.

Apple Picking Time A young man with hobo blood in his veins, always looking for something new, but knowing he is needed at home at harvest time.

The Waltz Of The Whispering Wind His job takes him away from her. Walking through the woods alone gives him the feeling of closeness to his loved one.

Thunder Storm A thunder storm is building up. The children are in bed, we sit by the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine listening to old records.

A Singer Named Mandy A short biography written just for Mandy Strobel sung in the style like “a boy named Sue” by Johnny Cash, which is a fictitious story while this one is a true story – his own.

Old Age Is Creeping Up On You The aches and pains of getting old. The first signs of forgetfulness, the loss of hair and teeth. Things that happen to us all if we live long enough.

South Of Belen A rancher making his last cattle drive. The years go by, the time of cattle drives is over and he got old. His son took over the ranch and he enjoys his last years.  

Heavenly Hoedown With the prospects of Saint Peter having beer and country music in Heaven he is sure he will go after his time on earth is finished. But first hew ants to live a hundred years or more here on solid ground

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